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I'm not going to lie, I was struggling to decide what I wanted my first post to be about. And, as it always happens, an idea struck me while I was tackling the usual daily chores around the house. While wondering what to do with all sorts of different materials lying around the flat, DIY projects came to mind. Having scissors in my hands has never been a good idea, but hey-ho, if I want to be more creative, I need to start from somewhere.

I started scanning the web for some ideas, and decided to share a few that really left an impression on me. Some of them are projects I will probably never be able to do in a million years, but others are incredibly simple and charming. I've also included links to the full tutorials under the photographs. Here's the 12 posts that really inspired me.

Marbled Clay Ring Dishes

Sourced here.
Jewelry is always a big obsession. Very feminine, I know, but I always find myself wondering where I can stash my little treasures while I can still see them. If you're like me, even if you have a whole drawer full of rings and necklaces, if you don't have them in plain view, it feels like you have nothing at all. So this tutorial is something I would definitely try my hand at, not only because it's quite practical, but it would also add some more personality to the flat. Hey, who said they need to be only in my room, you'll probably find one on top of the fridge.

Funfetti Candles

Sourced here.

I don't know about you, but I would love the living room to smell like cupcakes. Being such a big sweets fan, I find this idea absolutely delightful! It's very simple to make and gives your living space a touch of childish charm. Also solves the problem with what to do about those left-over jars that keep taking up space in your kitchen drawers.

Triangle Neon Photo Frames

Sourced here.

The possibilities for experimenting with this are absolutely endless. Not only will these make a perfect accessory with other brightly-colored decorations, but you can personalize it as much as you like. Photo frames are always a classic, but I quite like the unusual choice of shape. I think that if I do one of these, I'll definitely use a family photo or a memory with my friends to keep me company while I'm away.

Plywood Print Headboard

Sourced here.

This reminds me very much of the previous idea, but on a completely different level. If we're going to be talking about photography all around your home, what better than to have a stunning view greeting you every time you wake up? You a fan of the romantic pinkish sunsets? No problem! Or digging the fresh views of pine woods and rivers? Or perhaps the sea is calling out to you? Again, endless possibilities, and it costs so little.

Ribbon Twist Ties

Sourced here.
This is so unbelievably simple, you just glue wire in between two colorful strips of ribbon and voila! No more unmanageable chaos around your work space. It's also worth trying this on cables that are still plugged into your devices, but are so long they're constantly getting in the way. Very cheap and very quick!

Lip Balm Locket

Sourced here.
Jewelry and make-up? I'm on a roll here. But really, if I can skip carrying around lipsticks in my bag that I never ever see again, since the whole universe is there, I'd be quite happy. You can have this on you at all times, and you don't need to awkwardly take your entire bag with you when you go to the restroom to touch-up your make-up. Am I the only one who finds that incredibly uncomfortable?

Bath Bombs

Sourced here.

A friend of mine put it quite nicely - 'Lush? That shop you can't go through without passing out?' Don't get me wrong, if I see a cosmetics store, especially Lush or Body Shop, your only concern will be how to get me out of there. But the scents aren't always exactly what I'm looking for, and let's not even mention prices. But if I start making my own bath bombs at home with whatever I lay my eyes on, the cabinet will definitely be overflowing.  

Arrow Bookmark

Sourced here.

I don't think there's anyone on this Earth who doesn't like bookmarks. Or is that just me? And if you're feeling particularly summerish with your DIY's, this one is made of ice cream sticks. Ice cream sticks. Yeah.

Recycled Pencil Holder

Sourced here.

Here's another one helping you get things organized. And it uses Pringles cans! This is quite nifty for organizing anything - stationery, cooking utensils, make-up, whatever you like. The decorations on them are again easily personalized, but just make sure that when you spray paint yours, you don't forget the bundles of newspapers around your workspace. 

Cell Phone Holder

Sourced here.

I don't even know where to start with this one. I generally limit myself to using sockets close to cabinets or tables, but sometimes that just doesn't work out. And I happen to hoard the bottles of my cosmetics products for no apparent reason, so here's one solution to two problems! As the author of the tutorial says, you can also spray paint the bottle, or use sand paper to remove the writing on it and decorate it with doodles. 

Straw Backdrop

Sourced here.
This is really, really, really funky and I would totally use this for a photoshoot or just as a crazy party decoration some time. Although the materials are quite basic, it looks stylish and brings a ton of color to the room. A definite favorite!

Semi Precious Stone Soaps

Sourced here.

Lastly, I've included the DIY that rules all DIY's. The steps behind these elegant soaps are quite thorough and complex, especially for a novice like me, but the end result would definitely be worth it. Not only would you be able to use any scents you want, but you can also feel confident that your soap products aren't covered in unhealthy chemicals that dry up your skin. 

All of these seem like a ton of fun to do, and I will definitely be trying my hand at some of them. Kudos to all the ladies who have figured out a way to throw a creative streak into the small everyday things, and thank you for sharing these with us! I hope you like the ideas as much as I do and they make the summer afternoons all that more fun and enjoyable. 

Vasilena Stamboliyska

I huff, and I puff, and I find creative stuff.

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